Secret Holiday Locations: Drini Beach, Indonesia

The sophisticated traveler knows that the best beaches aren’t necessarily the most popular. This is certainly the case with Drini Beach in Indonesia. While masses flock to the experience the beauty of Bali, this secluded beach in central Java is the chosen destination for locals who know it for its long stretch of sparkling white sand and moderate climate. 

Drini Beach is off the geographical and tourist track. Situated between two big coral reefs, getting to these wonderful shores requires some manoeuvring and it is around 3 hours from Yogyakarta. The sea is rich with marine life. Nature lovers will have a fantastic time both experiencing the wonderful landscape and array of tropical fish. The diversity of sea-life also means that fisherman set up their trade here. Little restaurants and stalls offering the days captures dot the coast.

Locals also love the cool steady breeze and relatively temperate climate. The mixture of unpolluted waters, tranquility  white sand, nature, and sun really do mean that Drini beach is something of a hiden paradise.

The represented here are all taken by Lisa Javier, Instagram @msiceisme. Also see more secret destinations @triganome


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